Resolutions Bonn 2015

The following Statements and Resolutions were adopted on the Conference:


Two Statements were made to the World Heritage Committee, which were handed to the WHC President, Prof. Maria Boehmer:

Statement I On Civil Society Participation

Statement II On Indigenous Peoples


A Final Document was adopted which summarizes the issues and concerns expressed during the sessions of the Conference:

Final Document


A further eleven Resolutions were submitted by various individuals and organizations, and adopted by the Conference:


Resolution 1 On No-Go and No-Impact Measures for Extractive Industries in Natural and Mixed World Heritage Sites

Resolution 2 On Natural Properties in Russia 

Resolution 3 On Lake Baikal

Resolution 4 On the Western Caucasus

Resolution 5 On Pirin National Park, Bulgaria

Resolution 6 On Hasankeyf and the Iraqi Marshes

Resolution 7 On Threatened Cultural Heritage in Bulgaria

Resolution 8 On the Protection of St. Sofia in Kiyv, Ukraine

Resolution 9 On the Gast Street Lamps in Berlin, Germany

Resolution 10 On Lake Bogoria, Kenya

Resolution 11 On Hiroshima, Japan